Electronic Materials

JMC has over 65 years of know-how and experience producing the highest quality materials and delivering reliable supply to customers around the world. The materials that JMC produces for electronics now include monomers and small molecules. JMC also leverages the expertise and networks of the KISCO group which has deep experience supplying materials for electronics into the Korean and other international supply chains.


BCMB is a versatile small molecule that is used as a monomer in epoxies that are applied to electronics. It makes durable coatings that are heat stable. These epoxies are applied to electronic components and circuits in a wide range of devices. BCMB is also used as a monomer in optical brighteners such as CBS-X.

Modern health and safety regulations prohibit the use of heavy metals such as antimony and lead which were commonly used as flame retardants in electronic products. Accordingly, JMC’s BCMB production is metal-free. This also eliminates the risk of metals causing electrical shorts in sensitive semiconductor devices.

JMC produces BCMB in our plant in Ulsan, South Korea. Our production process is completely vertically integrated and we produce our own raw materials. In particular, we produce our own hydrochloric acid, an essential reagent in BCMB production. Our manufacturing processes comply with all environmental and safety regulations. Our in-house QA and QC facilities ensure strict quality control and high uniformity between batches.

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CAS # 1667-10-3
BCMB Information
  • Monomer for epoxides used in electronics