JMC’s Research and Development teams are responsible for the development of new products and processes. Over 65 years JMC has developed expertise in a number of key areas including chlorosulfonation, sulfonation, chloromethylation and most recently, the production of graphene-based materials.  JMC also has extensive expertise in developing new products and in process improvement. JMC’s key chemical specialties are shown below.


Reactions carried out with isomer control

Control of by-products from liquid SO3 reaction


Reactions carried out with Isomer control

Purification by recrystallisation with low sulfone content

Applications in pharmaceutical intermediates


Reactions can be carried out with precise temperature control

Reactions are purified by recrystallization


Reactions carried out with Isomer control

Selective synthesis of para– isomer

Purification by recrystallisation, HPLC purity>98%

Applications in Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) and as the raw material for fluorescent brightening agents

 Graphene Oxide

Control of exothermic reaction using strong oxidant

Lateral size control, low metal content, chloride-free

Used in batteries, EMI shielding, light-weight materials,
composites and barrier films

Special Grade products (made to order) include high concentration solutions,
alkyl amine-functionalized graphene oxide