We care about the welfare of our staff, the safety of our products and the impact of our operations on the environment.

JMC values our employees and actively supports their health, well-being and development. All employees are provided appropriate personal protective equipment and uniforms when they work. All workers are covered by employment insurance and are treated with respect. JMC does not permit child, forced or involuntary labor at any time. JMC provides all employees with freedom of association and the freedom to choose whether to participate in collective bargaining. These fair work conditions apply across the entire KISCO group of companies, incluing the provision of sickness and family leave. JMC actively enforces policies to prevent social or gender-based discrimination. 

JMC is committed to manufacturing using sustainable processes that do not harm our employees or our environment. The water treatment systems in our facilities are monitored and strictly controlled to comply with government regulations. Korean government environmental standards are aligned with those of other developed economies and place a strong emphasis on environmental protection.

Transparent Management

Value creation through open and genuine stakeholder engagement

• We practice transparent management. Operations that are legal and ethical are our highest priority. 

• All of our business dealings are fair and honest to ensure that we maintain the trust of our shareholders, customers, employees and society at large.

• We practice a culture of management innovation that enables new technology to be developed through genuine engagement with our staff. This delivers continuous improvements to our processes, products and prosperity. 

Green Management

Sustainable development and fulfilment of social responsibilities

• We economically utilize natural resources such as raw materials, energy and water that are input into manufacturing activities and we minimize the generation of pollutants by operating under the 3R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

• We strictly observe domestic and international environmental, health and safety-related laws and other requirements applied to our company. We set strict internal standards to minimize pollutants and minimize risk factors to prevent accidents in advance.

• We promote public health by minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals by signing, implementing, periodically confirming and evaluating voluntary agreements for energy conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

• We purchase raw materials that do not contain environmentally hazardous substances (such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE, CFC, etc.). We supply environmentally friendly and safe products.

• All employees are required to regularly review and practice their environmental, emergency, health and safety training.

Quality-oriented Management 

We commit to global quality standards

• We are certified under ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2016, FSSC 22000 (ISO22000: 2005 & ISO / TS22002-1). These include customer and legal/regulatory requirements, GMP and HACCP requirements that are applicable to us. 

• We continuously monitor customer requirements and assist our partners by providing high-quality products and services that enable value-adding through improved productivity and strict quality control.

• Through research and development we will continue to supply new, high-quality sulfur-based products. We work to satisfy current customer requirements, understand future interests, maximize customer satisfaction and pursue the long-term growth of enterprises.

• Through effective communication processes our quality assurance policies are shared with all employees and partners. 

• We build, implement and continuously improve our integrated management system to meet the needs of our customers. We regularly review the adequacy, fulfillment and effectiveness of our quality assurance policies through internal audits and management reviews.

Food Safety Management

JMC will always ensure world-class product safety and quality

• Since its foundation in 1953, JMC has been a leader in the manufacture, sales and service of saccharin products for food. 

• JMC takes responsibility for the entire process from product planning, manufacturing, sales, distribution to disposal. 

• We are continuously developing products that can contribute to the health and well-being of our customers. 

• Our products are produced in safe, hygienic facilities that are maintained to the highest standards.