Sulfur Products

JMC manufactures a range of sulfur-based chemicals such as OPTSA, PTSA, PTSC and OTSA used in applications such as fluorescent pigments, resins, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronics, plastics and blowing agents.  In addition, one of these sulfur-based products, OTSA is used as the key raw material for our saccharin production.

JMC has been producing sulfur-based chemicals at its high standard facilities and processes with over 65 years of know-how and experience.

Manufacturing Process

JMC produces the toluene sulfonyl chlorides OTSC and PTSC from the direct reaction of toluene and chlorosulfonic acid. Subsequent amination reactions produce the toluene sulfonamides OPTSA, OTSA and PTSA.

Product Structural Formula Downloads Use
mixed ortho/para toluenesulfonamide
CAS # 1333-07-9
Specification Sheet
  • Raw material for fluorescent pigments and  nail polish resins
  • Raw material for plasticizers and resins
para toluenesulfonamide
CAS # 70-55-3
Specification Sheet
  • Raw material for resins
  • Intermediate for dye stuffs
  • Raw material for disinfectants
para toluenesulfonyl chloride
CAS # 98-59-9
Specification Sheet
  • Raw material for blowing agents
  • Intermediate for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals
ortho toluenesulfonamide
CAS # 88-19-7
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  •  Raw material for Saccharin