JMC (originally the Jeil Moolsan Company) was established in 1953 and is a world leader in the field of saccharin and sulfur-based fine chemicals. JMC became part of the KISCO group in 2004. JMC is a large-scale manufacturer of saccharin, a safe, artificial sweetener that enables a drastic reduction in sugar content. JMC supplies saccharin to the world’s largest quality-oriented multinational food and medicine producers. JMC produces saccharin using the traditional Remsen and Fahlberg Process which was discovered in 1879. JMC is the only company that produces all of the high purity raw-materials for Saccharin such as OTSA (ortho-Toluenesulfonamide) on its own production lines. No organic solvents are used during the production process of Saccharin and JMC’s complete, vertical integration ensures the highest purity materials which delivers the highest quality saccharin available. JMC’s saccharin meets the food safety standard, FSSC 22000. JMC also produces fine chemicals for applications such as florescent pigments, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronics, plastics and agricultural products.

JMC has applied its existing expertise and developed the ability to mass-produce next-generation nanomaterial products such as graphene oxide. JMC is continuously working to become a world-leading company by understanding the needs of its customers.

Based in Korea, our business is global. JMC – creating sweetness and pure chemistry.

Our Products


JMC produces the world’s highest quality saccharin. Saccharin is a high intensity, artificial sweetener that has been used for over one hundred years as a sugar substitute. Saccharin tastes over 500 times sweeter than sugar which means that it can be used in small amounts to reduce sugar consumption.

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Sulfur Products

JMC manufactures a range of sulfur-based chemicals for use in applications such as fluorescent pigments/resins, medicinal intermediates, electronics, plastics and agricultural materials.

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Inorganic Products

JMC is a leading manufacturer of sulfur-based acids and salts and of potassium sulfate (SOP). We derive these products as part of our saccharin manufacturing process which means that we use the same, high standard facilities and processes across our entire product range.

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Graphene Oxide

JMC is a large-scale producer of Graphene Oxide (GO) and related graphene-based materials, for electronics and engineering applications.

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JMC produces fine chemicals, including small molecules and monomers, for electronics including BCMB.

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Our Company


JMC’s staff have many years of experience in the chemical industry.

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JMC’s research and development leverages the capabilities across the KISCO group.

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We care about the welfare of our staff, the safety of our products and the impact of our operations on the environment.

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Our Certificates

JMC’s processes, products and facilities are certified as meeting a wide variety of international standards.

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Announcement regarding the safety of saccharin:


JMC Sustainability Video

JMC is committed to sustainability in all we do. This video highlights the systems and processes we have in place [...]

Safety of saccharin

JMC wishes to address the announcement by the WHO IARC to classify aspartame as a “possible carcinogen”. As a manufacturer [...]


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JMC is part of the Kyung-In Synthetic Company (KISCO) Group. KISCO develops and manufactures chemicals. For over 50 years the KISCO group of companies has been producing dyes, inks, fine chemicals and materials for textiles, food, agriculture and electronics. Our custom synthesis capabilities range from our dedicated research team in Seoul through to our large-scale production facilities in 10 plants across Korea and one in Turkey. The group employs over 980 staff, including a R&D centre in Seoul with over 120 staff and is supported by representatives and agents in over 60 different countries. The KISCO group has a market capitalisation of around $US220M and had sales of over $US320M in 2021. KISCO has over 50 years of experience in the development and production of chemicals for textiles including reactive, disperse and acid dyes as well as optical brightening agents. KISCO also produces the PAPIJET series of water based inks for UV and digital textile printing.

The KISCO group also includes two joint ventures, based in Siheung and Incheon. Wisechem produces high-end pigments for displays and inkjet printing. DKC produces photo initiators for high precision electronics lithography.

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