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Company Information

Yes. Exports account for over 80% of our sales and we are actually more well-known internationally than domestically.

USD76.2M(2019), USD82.7M(2020), USD83.6M(2021)

200 employees (2019)
220 employees (2021)
240 employees (2022)
265 employees (2023)

18.2 years (3 times higher compared to the domestic average of 6.8 years)

JMC was founded in 1953 and was the first producer of saccharin in Korea. JMC became a wholly owned subsidiary of the KISCO group in 2004. KISCO is a publicly listed company in Korea.


JMC has extensive expertise in the prevention of industrial wastewater and air pollution. Our processes mainly use water and we recycle and re-use chemicals wherever possible. Any waste products are treated and disposed of in accordance with world-leading standards. We practice thorough management of environmental, safety and health concerns.

We care about society. JMC staff regularly help local residents through donations and volunteer activities.

In over 70 years of operations, we have never suspended production. We are the only saccharin manufacturer in the world to maintain sustainable production.

Certification and compliance

JMC has certifications for ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Kosher, Halal and FSSC22000

Yes, Sodium Saccharin and Insoluble Saccharin are registered under EU REACH.

Product Range

JMC produces saccharin in a variety of formulations and mesh sizes. We also a produce a range of sulfur-based organic molecules as well as some salts. JMC also produces small molecule monomers for electronics, surfactants, graphene-based materials and polymers for electronics.