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The key, raw material we use for saccharin is self-produced OTSA (ortho toluenesulfonamide). High-quality OTSA is crucial for producing high-quality saccharin. By sourcing our raw materials internally, we minimise external threats to our supply chain. We are a manufacturer that ensures products are not tied to raw material suppliers in China or India.

Saccharin contains a maximum of 15% water. This is why occasional clumping may occur.
However, these clumps are easily breakable by hand and primarily form during transportation and storage.
Clumping does not result from any chemical defects or impurities in the product.

For free samples, up to a maximum of 100g per product can be provided,
and they will be shipped via DHL. The estimated delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

The mesh size 10-20 is commonly used for free-flowing addition to beverages and food products.
The mesh size 40-80 possesses finer particles and is frequently utilized in pharmaceutical products. However, due to variations in production processes and methods among end-users, it is recommended to use the product according to its specific characteristics.
Applications are not strictly limited to specific mesh sizes.

We are the world’s only saccharin manufacturer that follows a vertically integrated approach, producing our raw material (OTSA) and ensuring rigorous quality control. We are also the only manufacturer that uses the original Remsen and Fahlberg process to manufacture saccharin. Our saccharin is the world’s highest quality, containing none of the impurities regularly found in saccharin manufactured by alternative methods. Our philosophy encompasses not only quality but also considerations for safety, health, hygiene, and environmental impact. We strive for sustainability in all aspects of our operations.


JMC is a Korean company and our production facilities are located on a large site in Ulsan, on the south coast of the Korean peninsula. Ulsan is home to many other chemical companies.

Our products are available worldwide. From Korea we export to around 70 countries. We have agents in various countries, so feel free to contact our international sales team for any information you may need.


JMC has extensive expertise in the prevention of industrial wastewater and air pollution. Our processes mainly use water and we recycle and re-use chemicals wherever possible. Any waste products are treated and disposed of in accordance with world-leading standards. We practice thorough management of environmental, safety and health concerns.

We care about society. JMC staff regularly help local residents through donations and volunteer activities.

Certification and compliance

JMC has certifications for ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Kosher, Halal and FSSC22000

Yes, Sodium Saccharin and Insoluble Saccharin are registered under EU REACH.

Quality Assurance

Yes, JMC regularly undergoes external audits by a variety of stakeholders and customers. These audit processes include improvement planning.


There may be variations based on product/region. After issuing a purchase order and confirming the advance payment, shipment can proceed approximately three weeks later.

We primarily package in 25kg carton boxes (with inner 2 layers of PE bags), but we can accommodate various packaging options such as 50kg fibre drums, 500kg PE bags, and 1,000kg super sacks upon customer request.

We can ship using plastic pallets, in standard sizes such as 1200mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 800mm (Euro). Where required, we can also use customized wooden pallets.