KISCO Group establishes smart, eco-factory

As part of its Green New Deal the Korean Government has initiated a project to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop eco-friendly manufacturing systems. KISCO Group, of which JMC is a subsidiary, was one of 30 companies selected for support in 2021. In this report on the progress of the project, KISCO is described as “the most exemplary company” in the program.

The factory improvements are in four areas:

  • Installation of a new thermal oxidizer (TO) facility to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds. Waste heat from this process is also captured and re-used. This led to a reduction in some emissions of 99% and a saving of around 50% in heating costs.
  • Installation of insulation to factory exterior walls to improve thermal insulation and add flame retardancy.
  • Installation of rainwater tanks. The factory is now capturing up to 80 cubic metres of rainwater that is being re-used.
  • Installation of a smart monitoring system to collect real-time data on emissions and environmental parameters. This will enable further improvements in efficiencies.

KISCO Group CEO, Sung Yong Cho said that “I have always been concerned about the treatment of volatile organic compounds generated in the process of operating a chemical manufacturing business. I would like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environment Corporation for actively solving these problems that small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling with through the smart, eco-factory construction project. We will take the lead as an eco-friendly company through continuous improvement efforts.”

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Announcement – Conflict in Ukraine

In response to concerns around supply chain disruption due to the current conflict in Ukraine, JMC has issued the following announcement.

We encourage you to share this with the relevant teams/people within your organisation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this announcement.

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JMC announces ADPOS Production in Ulsan

JMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ulsan City to invest in a new production facility for Alkyldiphenyloxide Disulfonate (ADPOS). ADPOS is a key raw material for NB-Latex, an eco-friendly latex product that is used in applications such as medical gloves.

According to the agreement, JMC will establish an ADPOS production facility with an annual production capacity of 4,500 tons in the Onsan Industrial Complex, Ulju-gun, and supply it to NB-Latex producers.

Ulsan City will provide administrative and financial support to facilitate this project. ADPOS is an anionic emulsifier used to promote surface activity during NB-Latex polymerization. Demand for eco-friendly NB-Latex, as a replacement for natural latex, is growing as it does not contain volatile organic compounds. The response to COVID-19 has significantly increased demand for latex for medical gloves.

JMC plans to start construction of the ADPOS production facility in 2022. When complete, the facility will have a total floor area of 1,243 square meters located on 92,672 square meters of undeveloped land at JMC’s existing site. Construction will be completed by June 2023. Through this investment in production facilities, JMC will expand its business from the existing fields of saccharin and BCMB to ADPOS.

CEO Jung Won-sik said, “After moving the company to Ulsan, we were able to expand into new business fields thanks to the city’s support and public interest. We will firmly establish ourselves as a growing company.”

Ulsan Mayor Song Cheol-ho said, “with the strengthening of hygiene concepts around the world due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for sanitary gloves is increasing and the demand for NB-Latex is also increasing. The market prospect is bright as strong demand is expected”.

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JMC 68th Anniversary Ceremony

  • Name of the event: JMC’s 68th anniversary ceremony
  • Date: June 30, 2021 at 11 a.m. and 3pm
  • Venue: Conference Room on the 2nd floor of JMC Ulsan Plant Main Building

As in 2020, a simple ceremony was held. COVID-19 social distancing practices meant that the ceremony was held in two parts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The awards ceremony was attended by 3 executives, including CEO Jung Won-sik, and 21 long-term employees who were given awards (6 people were unable to attend the event in Ulsan).

Hand disinfectants, masks and acrylic partitions in the conference room were all used to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

The company expressed its congratulations and gratitude to the long-term employees who have worked hard for the development of JMC. JMC will continue to be a progressive and innovative company moving forward with its employees into the future.

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Announcement – Nitrosamine Issue

In response to the growing regulation of potential carcinogens in pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, JMC has issued an announcement confirming the safety of our saccharin products.

Regulators such as the US FDA have recently begun regulating nitrosamines and nitrites in pharmaceuticals. In response, customers have been asking JMC to confirm the safety of our products and processes. In particular, customers have been asking whether JMC uses the Maumee process to produce Saccharin. Such questions are raised because there are concerns among customers who are aware that nitrites are used in the Maumee process. We hereby confirm to you that JMC’s Saccharin is manufactured by the Remsen & Fahlberg process, not the Maumee process. Therefore, we can also confirm that there are no concerns about nitrosamines or nitrites with JMC’s Saccharin products.

Please find below a document that details why JMC products are totally free from nitrites. We encourage you to share this with your quality team.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this announcement.

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JMC Renews Food Safety Certification

JMC’s Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) was renewed in January 2021. This certifies that our products meet the standards set by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). JMC’s use of the R&F process to manufacture saccharin ensures that we produce the world’s highest quality saccharin. Food safety management is a top priority for JMC.

For more information about our approach to safety and sustainability see:

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Saccharin Explainer Video

To explain JMC’s unique approach to purity, reliability and sustainability, today we released a new video.

In this explainer video we show what makes our saccharin so special and why our manufacturing processes are safe, reliable and sustainable.

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JMC Receives Bronze Medal for Sustainability

EcoVadis awards the world’s most trusted business sustainability ratings. In their 2020 assessment of JMC, EcoVadis awarded a Bronze medal. This rates JMC’s sustainability management system in the top 50% of all companies across all industries. JMC is committed to continuous improvement in sustainability while manufacturing the world’s highest quality chemical products.
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Development of saccharin-based materials for cancer detection

On August 8, we announced that we had obtained a patent on functionalised derivatives of sodium saccharin and how they are manufactured.

This patent was filed through a joint study with Professors Suhng Wook Kim and Un chul Shin of Korea University’s School of Health and Environmental Science. This work was also reported in an article published on October 29 in the International Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals. The title of the article is “Development of a 68Ga‐labelled PET tracer for carbonic anhydrase IX‐overexpressed tumors using the artificial sweetener saccharin”.

The patent concerns sodium saccharin and manufacturing methods of its derivatives combined with a ligand compound having an optional targeting action for hypoxic tumors. Sulfonamide-based substances, such as saccharin, show selective binding to Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CA IX) that occurs in tumor cells. Saccharin derivatives can therefore be used to safely and effectively diagnose cancerous tumor cells.

The results of this study confirmed the potential for saccharin derivatives to be used as new diagnostic pharmaceutical agents in addition to existing uses in various medicines, food ingredients, beverages, toothpastes, etc. as artificial sweeteners. We plan to continue joint research with domestic researchers to ensure that saccharin is commercially available as a building block for diagnostic substances in tumor cells.

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“Development of a 68Ga‐labelled PET tracer for carbonic anhydrase IX‐overexpressed tumors using the artificial sweetener saccharin” – International Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals

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JMC commits to new energy efficiency system

Last week JMC joined 30 other Korean companies, with over 40 different sites, in committing to the Korea Energy Agency’s ‘2020 Voluntary Energy Efficiency Target System’.

Participating companies committed to voluntarily improving energy efficiency and actively participating in national energy use rationalisation and greenhouse gas reduction projects.

The Korea Energy Agency expects that this project will break away from the existing regulatory-oriented policy and establish a culture of autonomous energy savings, an important aim during the economic slowdown induced by COVID-19.

JMC makes the world’s highest quality saccharin as well as a range of sulfur-based fine chemicals and chemicals for electronics such a graphene oxide and BCMB. JMC is committed to manufacturing products safely and sustainably.

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