JMC participated in the Spring Welcoming Environmental Cleanup Activity

On April 17th, JMC participated in the “Spring Environmental Cleanup Activity” held in Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan.

On this day, approximately 150 employees from 21 companies within the Onsan National Industrial Complex participated in activities to cleanup the local environment. The cleanup activity, focused mainly on the roadside areas within the industrial complex, collected approximately 3 tons of various types of waste, including household garbage and illegal advertisements. This activity made significant progress in environmental preservation through community engagement, contributing to the goal of a clean Onsan-eup.

JMC is committed to actively participating in such activities in the future, continuing efforts towards environmental conservation and community engagement for a sustainable future.

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JMC contributed to the cleanup of river in Ulsan

This week marked another significant contribution by JMC to environmental conservation through our ongoing participation in the One Company One River Saving Movement. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and community engagement, JMC staff members volunteered for this activity. In total, 50 employees from seven companies, volunteered, embodying a collaborative spirit towards environmental stewardship.

The focus of this initiative was the river adjacent to our Ulsan plant, a vital waterway that has been the subject of increasing environmental concern. Our dedicated team, along with other corporate volunteers, worked tirelessly to remove trash and debris from the river. Their efforts were not only a testament to their dedication but also to the collective power of community involvement in environmental preservation.

By the end of the year, the group had successfully collected almost 2 tonnes of trash, a significant achievement that highlights the impact of collective action in tackling environmental issues. This initiative is part of JMC’s broader commitment to improving the quality of our local environment. We believe that as a responsible corporate citizen, it is our duty to contribute to the well-being of the communities we operate in.

JMC’s involvement in the One Company One River Saving Movement is just one of the many ways we are actively working towards a more sustainable future. We are proud of our team’s enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference, and we remain dedicated to continuing our efforts in environmental conservation and community engagement.

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2023 JMC Retirement Ceremony

On December 15, 2023, JMC held a retirement ceremony to honor employees who had dedicated many years to the company’s growth. This year, a total of six employees retired, with an average tenure of 34 years.

In recognition of their lifelong contributions to JMC, CEO Jung Won-sik expressed gratitude by awarding commemorative plaques and solid gold medals to the retirees. Following the conclusion of the event, CEO Jung Won-sik joined the retirees for a commemorative photo, offering words of encouragement for their retirement.

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JMC Sustainability Video

JMC is committed to sustainability in all we do. This video highlights the systems and processes we have in place to protect our products, people, customers and our environment.

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Safety of saccharin

JMC wishes to address the announcement by the WHO IARC to classify aspartame as a “possible carcinogen”.

As a manufacturer of saccharin, a widely used artificial sweetener, JMC supports our partners who provide artificially sweetened food, drink, medicines, and oral care products. These products are a way for consumers to minimise sugar consumption.

As a chemical company, JMC supports the evidence-based assessment of the safety of all products. We note that the studies cited by the IARC apply only to aspartame. Saccharin is one of the most widely studied chemicals in history and has been safely used for over 140 years. Saccharin has been certified as safe for human consumption by the WHO, the US FDA and many other food safety regulators. As the producer of the world’s highest quality saccharin, we are confident that products made using materials from JMC are safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this notice.

Download our full statement.

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JMC contributed to the cleanup of river

JMC recently contributed to the annual cleanup of the Dongcheon river in Onyang-eup, Ulsan. This project is part of the “1 River 1 Cleaner” Campaign. JMC has been an important partner in the preservation and activation of the ecosystem of the Ulsan region’s rivers for more than 10 years. Staff from JMC have been carrying out voluntary environmental cleanup activities, collecting about 2,000 kg of waste last year alone.

As part of our normal operations, JMC uses sustainable processes that do not harm the environment and strictly monitors and controls the disposal of all waste in compliance with government regulations. JMC will continue to fulfill its social responsibility and practice sustainable management.

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JMC Graphene Materials

Graphene-based materials are revolutionizing the world of electronics and beyond! From strengthening cement to creating transparent electrodes and filters, these super-materials are changing the game. And with JMC’s scalable production process, they can control the size of graphene oxide particles to achieve even greater levels of performance. Don’t miss out on the graphene revolution!

In this new video we explain how JMC’s graphene-based materials can help you.

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JMC exhibits at CPhI 2022

CPHI, the world’s largest international convention on pharmaceutical intermediates, was held in Frankfurt, Germany from November 1-3, 2022.

Due to the pandemic, this was the first in-person CPHI exhibition for 3 years. JMC participated in the exhibition to revitalize networks of existing customers and promote its products. JMC’s key message was that JMC manufactures the “World’s Highest Quality Saccharin”. This message was conveyed through videos on two large screens in the booth and brochures were distributed in printed form and electronically via QR codes. 

Many customers confirmed that they were concerned about the increased volatility of the global market environment and supply chain risks. JMC emphasised reliable supply as one of its key strengths.

Participation in this exhibition not only helped JMC understand market trends and activities of competitors, but also helped build a network with related companies and develop new business prospects. Despite the rapidly changing global business environment, JMC would like to continue to create new opportunities based on innovative manufacturing technologies and cement its reputation as a reliable, high quality supplier to the global market.

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JMC at CPhI 2022

JMC will be exhibiting at CPhI Worldwide 2022. This event is being held in Frankfurt, Germany from November 1-3. This is the first CPhI Worldwide show to be held in-person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The JMC team is looking forward to reconnecting with customers from around the world.

Throughout the pandemic, JMC’s factories have remained open at all times and production has continued without interuptions. This has enabled JMC to cement its reputation as a reliable supplier of the world’s highest quality saccharin.

For more information about CPhI Frankfurt, visit:

JMC partners can register to attend for free through their JMC Sales contact person.

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