CPhI, the World’s Largest International Pharmaceutical Ingredient Expo CPhI (Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Intermediates) Worldwide 2019 was held in Frankfurt, Germany from  November 5 (Tue) ~ 7 (Thu).

KISCO and JMC have now exhibited at CPhI for the past few years and have seen a strong acknowledgement of our growing reputation as a high quality manufacturer of saccharin and as a CRO partner.

This year we experienced an increase of over 40% in the number of new conversations at CPhI. Through meetings with various companies were able to get valuable information on market trends and activities of competitors / similar industries and to also form networks with related companies and potential customers.

We saw particularly strong enquiries about flow chemistry using our Flow Reactor from new customers who visited our booth. This included interest in substances produced using flow chemistry as well as detailed discussions on fine chemicals in general.

Customers meeting with JMC expressed strong interest in our high-quality saccharin due to concerns with quality issues related to impurities, etc. of saccharin made in China, a constant problem in the market. We held a large number of meetings with potential customers who are currently using competitors’ products.

We hope that by continuously participating in overseas exhibitions, the reputation of JMC and KISCO’s technological expertise and brand status in the industry will continue to develop.