CPHI, the world’s largest international convention on pharmaceutical intermediates, was held in Frankfurt, Germany from November 1-3, 2022.

Due to the pandemic, this was the first in-person CPHI exhibition for 3 years. JMC participated in the exhibition to revitalize networks of existing customers and promote its products. JMC’s key message was that JMC manufactures the “World’s Highest Quality Saccharin”. This message was conveyed through videos on two large screens in the booth and brochures were distributed in printed form and electronically via QR codes. 

Many customers confirmed that they were concerned about the increased volatility of the global market environment and supply chain risks. JMC emphasised reliable supply as one of its key strengths.

Participation in this exhibition not only helped JMC understand market trends and activities of competitors, but also helped build a network with related companies and develop new business prospects. Despite the rapidly changing global business environment, JMC would like to continue to create new opportunities based on innovative manufacturing technologies and cement its reputation as a reliable, high quality supplier to the global market.