Our Saccharin boxes are getting some fancy wear. To more effectively identify our products we are introducing new labels and packaging which provides a consistent brand across our range.

We are pleased to introduce our new Saccharin carton box design. The design was implemented at the beginning of 2018. The new blue colored box contains all necessary information such as JMC’s factory information, emergency contact deatils, handling instructions and more. We hope our customers enjoy with our newly designed carton box. Please kindly be informed that there is no change in the material used to make the box nor to the PE liner which directly contacts the materials inside the box.

We also would like to introduce our new company slogan, Creating Sweetness and Pure Chemistry. This slogan highlights our main product, Saccharin while also referring to our key strength as a chemical manufacturer – we make highly pure, fine chemicals. We also put JMC’s company spirit into this slogan – our desire to create strong chemistry between JMC and our customers. Saccharin is introducing its own slogan, Beyond Sweetness. We go what’s beyond sweet saccharin to provide a “sweet connection” with our customers.

These slogans are printed on the box and will also used in any further JMC marketing channels.