JMC wishes to address the announcement by the WHO IARC to classify aspartame as a “possible carcinogen”.

As a manufacturer of saccharin, a widely used artificial sweetener, JMC supports our partners who provide artificially sweetened food, drink, medicines, and oral care products. These products are a way for consumers to minimise sugar consumption.

As a chemical company, JMC supports the evidence-based assessment of the safety of all products. We note that the studies cited by the IARC apply only to aspartame. Saccharin is one of the most widely studied chemicals in history and has been safely used for over 140 years. Saccharin has been certified as safe for human consumption by the WHO, the US FDA and many other food safety regulators. As the producer of the world’s highest quality saccharin, we are confident that products made using materials from JMC are safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this notice.

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