The start of 2020 was celebrated by JMC and the KISCO Group in Ulsan and Incheon on January 2 and 3.

On Friday the second of January about 460 employees from the KISCO Group gathered at the Seo-gu Cultural Center in Incheon to celebrate the start of a new year.

As part of the ceremony the KISCO Awards were presented to employees and departments that contributed most to the development of the KISCO Group last year. A total of 12 teams, individuals and organizations, were awarded in three categories: KISCO Group Management Award, Technology Award and Contribution Award. In addition, this year, a special award was established to congratulate Merit F & C, an excellent partner that maintained a strategic relationship with KISCO.

Staff then watched a video showing KISCO and DKC employees working at the soon-to-be completed Iksan factory. Chairman Heung-jun Kim’s said, “In the coming year, KISCO will celebrate its 50th anniversary. I don’t think it’s impossible for KISCO, which has a long history and great talent, to enter the 500 largest domestic companies that make up 1 trillion won in sales. Large growth cannot be achieved only by the initiatives of the company. I want each employee to help us become a company that communicates and consults with employees, a company where everyone can demonstrate their skills. ” The ceremony was ended with a performance by a band.

On the following day, at the JMC Ulsan factory, the JMC staff gathered in the auditorium on the 2nd floor of the main building. They were joined by the chairman, president and CEO. Together they watched the video of the KISCO Group together and the chairman gave a presentation to staff.

Happy New Year.